A regular collaborator with some of the biggest names in flamenco music from a young age, Spanish singer Arcángel has built up a reputation as one of the most respected cantaors of his generation. Born Francisco José Arcangel Ramos in Huelva in 1977, he won his first singing contest at age ten and, after performing as a "Cantaor de Atras" for dancers Javier Baron and Eva Yerbabuena, guitarist Vicente Amigo, and percussionist Manuel Soler, recorded his self-titled debut album in 2001. Following 2004's La Calle Perdia and 2006's Ropavieja, he appeared in Zambra 5.1, a stage show tribute to legendary flamenco star Manolo Caracol, before returning to the studio in 2011 for his fourth effort, Quijote de los Sueños.

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Travesuras - Remix


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